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This section of the website provides ideas and advice to help teachers and educators to get the most out of You University apps in schools.

TB’s U Presentation Tips

Presentation tips for Tick Bait’s Universe I have had the pleasure of demonstrating Tick Bait’s Universe to several 5th and 6th grade classes at two different elementary schools.  From those presentations, I can say that Tick Bait’s Universe makes an engaging and wonderful class period for both students and instructor.  For kids, a presentation of …

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TB’s U’s Table of Contents

I have had several teachers say that they wish that Tick Bait’s Universe had a table of content.  I am hesitant to put one in the program.  I am not sure I want kids to have a table of contents.  I would rather kids discover content as they travel from page to page and not …

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TB’s Scavengar Hunt

Find the two attached “Scavenger Hunts” for kids to do while they explore Tick Bait’s Universe.  This makes for a wonderful independent study activity for kids. The Scavenger Hunts were created to give kids more focus and goals as they explore Tick Bait’s Universe and to give teachers and parents an assessment of what kids …

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Power of 10 Class Activity

Here is a Word version of this document:  Powers of 10 Class Activity.   I learned a lot creating Tick Bait’s Universe.  I had to research topics to identify what content would be appropriate to put at each magnification level.  This involved researching very small and very large scientific concepts.  I had to measure the …

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