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Mar 25

New List – Top 5 Geography Books

Geography is big in our house. My kids have a very good record in their school Geo Bee competitions.  My oldest son won his middle school Geo Bee in both 7th and 8th grade.  Both years he competed in our state’s Geo Bee competition.  My youngest son won his school’s Geo Bee as a 6th …

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Mar 16

Top 5 Physical Items to Help Kids Learn Science: #1 Periodic Table Place Mat

#1 Periodic Table Place Mat The author Robert Krebs, said, “Without a doubt, the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements is the most elegant organizational chart ever devised.”  Once you know how to read and use it, you understand how it brilliantly organizes so much complex information into an easily read format. And yet, I …

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Mar 10

Top 5 Physical Items to Help Kids Learn Science: # 3 Hydrodynamic Building Set

#3 Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set For Christmas two years ago my youngest son received the Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set from Bridge Street Toys.  It is basically an erector set for engineering how liquids flow. At $89.00 it is expensive, but it has consistently been used for two years now.  My youngest will disappears for two …

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Mar 08

Top 5 Physical Items to Help Kids Learn Science: # 4 Butterfly Kits

 #4 Butterfly Kit As a family, we had a lot of fun with a butterfly kit.  With it you can watch the transformation of caterpillars to chrysalises to butterflies right in your own kitchen. What I loved about this kit was coming down to breakfast every morning and noticing little differences as the caterpillars made …

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Mar 07

Top 5 Physical Items to Help Kids Learn Science: # 5 Human Anatomy Models

I create educational apps because I believe they provide unique opportunities to help kids and adults learn and, in particular, learn science.  As a parent, I always keep an eye out for apps, software and digital devices to help my kids learn.  However, I certainly did not just look for digital educational opportunities.  I looked …

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