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Apr 12

Top 5 Geography Books #1: The Handy Geography Answer Book

#1 – The Handy Geography Answer Book by Paul A. Tucci and Matthew T. Rosenburg.  Since the format of the Geo Bee is mostly just verbal questions, I like to give my kids a lot of questions.  This book offers some 250 pages of relevant questions.  They are organized by continent as well as by …

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Apr 11

Top 5 Geography Books #2: The Geography Bee: Complete Preparation Handbook

#2 – The Geography Bee Complete Preparation Handbook by Mathew T. and Jennifer Rosenberg.  In my mind, this book is made up of basically 5 different sections (This is roughly how the chapters are organized): About the Geo Bee – Advice to kids on how to prepare for the Geo Bee. Location, Location, Location – …

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Apr 07

Top 5 Geography Books #3: Everywhere is Somewhere Series

#3 – Everywhere is Somewhere series written by Jack McClintock & David Helgren, Ph.D.  These series include Everywhere is Somewhere in the U.S.A and Everywhere is Somewhere: The Geography Quiz Book.  Each of these books is very comprehensive with thousands of sample questions.  Its chapters cover a wide variety of geographic topics that include how …

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Apr 05

Top 5 Geography Books #4: National Geographic Student Atlas

#4 – National Geographic Student Atlas of the World.   You can’t study geography without an atlas.  And for kids, the atlas should be age appropriate. The National Geographic Student Atlas has excellent maps to help kids learn geography basics like the locations of countries and cities.  Beyond these basics, this atlas does a great job …

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Mar 25

New List – Top 5 Geography Books

Geography is big in our house. My kids have a very good record in their school Geo Bee competitions.  My oldest son won his middle school Geo Bee in both 7th and 8th grade.  Both years he competed in our state’s Geo Bee competition.  My youngest son won his school’s Geo Bee as a 6th …

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Mar 16

Top 5 Physical Items to Help Kids Learn Science: #1 Periodic Table Place Mat

#1 Periodic Table Place Mat The author Robert Krebs, said, “Without a doubt, the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements is the most elegant organizational chart ever devised.”  Once you know how to read and use it, you understand how it brilliantly organizes so much complex information into an easily read format. And yet, I …

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Mar 13

Top 5 Physical Items to Help Kids Learn Science: # 2 Electronic Snap Circuit Kits

# 2 Electronic Snap Circuit Electrical Kits Over the years, we have had a few electrical kits for our 3 boys.  According to them, the best one was the Electronic Snap Circuits kit by Elenco.  It was the easiest to use and thus the easiest to build projects with.  Most of these kits have kids …

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Mar 10

Top 5 Physical Items to Help Kids Learn Science: # 3 Hydrodynamic Building Set

#3 Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set For Christmas two years ago my youngest son received the Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set from Bridge Street Toys.  It is basically an erector set for engineering how liquids flow. At $89.00 it is expensive, but it has consistently been used for two years now.  My youngest will disappears for two …

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