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Screen Shots

Kid’s start exploring the universe from something familiar: A a friendly but dirty dog.

Notice that when the iPad is upright or in “portrait” view, Tick Bait’s Universe provides a completely visual experience as you explore the universe.   If you turn the iPad on it side (see next screen shot)  you will see explanations and facts about the content on that page.

From Tick Bait you can zoom up by powers of 10 explore Earth’s atmosphere…

…the Earth….

…the solar system…

…our own Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

Tick Bait’s Universe also lets you explore down into the microscopic world to explore cells, bacteria, viruses, DNA, atoms, protons and beyond.

Each page has a question to challenge kid’s and encourage them to explore the content further.  Below is the answer to the questions, “Can humans live on Venus?” and “True or False: The space shuttle flies above the Earth’s atmosphere.”


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  1. Desiree Tucker-Sorini

    This is the mose amazing ap. I can’t wait to get my kids started. I will probably something new too!

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