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Tick Bait’s Universe

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TB Universe Certified by Teachers With Apps

We are happy to announce that Tick Bait’s Universe has been certified by Teachers with Apps.  The certification program was designed to recognize apps that go “above and beyond excellent”.


With Tick Bait’s Universe, a child can easily explore the really, really big and the very, very small. 

They start their journey at something they are familiar with:

A friendly but  dirty dog named Tick Bait.

From Tick Bait, they zoom in and out by powers of 10 to explore the universe.  They zoom up to see the atmosphere, the Earth, our solar system’s sun and planets, neighbor stars, our own Milky Way galaxy and beyond.

They can also  zoom down into the microscopic world to explore bacteria, viruses, DNA, atoms, protons and beyond.

Liza Woodruff’s beautiful and kid friendly illustrations make scientific concepts less intimidating and more accessible to children.  The result is an app that encourages a child’s natural curiosity about science without overwhelming them.

Education (For Parents – Kids Stop Reading)

The main goal of Tick Bait’s Universe is to make science accessible and interesting for children.

The value of the app is that it helps kids grasp complex scientific facts and concepts.  A proton is unimaginably small.  A galaxy is unimaginably large.  Children have a hard time relating to objects and scientific concepts that are so far removed from their everyday world.   By allowing children to zoom in and out by powers of 10, Tick Bait’s Universe, allows kids to compare objects in the universe, and thus get a sense of their scale in the universe.   Objects, like atoms, bacteria and galaxies, whose size would otherwise be hard to grasp.

Also, zooming incrementally by powers of 10 provides opportunities to introduce many scientific facts and concepts that otherwise would be almost impossible to introduce to a child.

The result is an app that encourages a child’s natural curiosity about science without overwhelming him or her.

Screen Shots

Kid’s start exploring the universe from something familiar: A a friendly but dirty dog. Notice that when the iPad is upright or in “portrait” view, Tick Bait’s Universe provides a completely visual experience as you explore the universe.   If you turn the iPad on it side (see next screen shot)  you will see explanations and …

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