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Tick Bait’s Universe LITE

This is the free version of Tick Bait’s Universe with one third the content of the full version.  With it, kids (and kids at heart) can easily zoom in and out to explore neighborhoods, cities, Earth’s atmosphere, and the Earth. They can also zoom down into the microscopic world to explore down to the level of bacteria. The beautiful and kid friendly illustrations make these scientific concepts more accessible and less intimidating.

For ages 7 to 70!

Educationally, Tick Bait’s Universe and Tick Bait’s Universe LITE help kids grasp complex scientific concepts. Children have a hard time relating to objects and scientific concepts that are so different from their everyday world. These apps help kids understand the scale of objects in the universe and a child’s own place in it. It also provides an environment to introduce many scientific concepts and facts that otherwise would remain abstract and hard for kids to understand.

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