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In this app, kids proofread and edit pages in stories.  The first step is to find grammar and spelling errors.  Do you see any grammar and spelling errors in the page below?
When kids see an error they just tap on it.

Not startedPNG












Here the student saw that there should be a period after the word “coaster” and tapped on it to identify it as an issue.  Once an issue has been identified, the next step is for the student to fix it.  As you can see from the image below, kids get three options to fix each issue.
RC Page 5 FoundPNG


The students receive five (5) more points for correctly identifying this grammar issue.   They can see their score in the top left hand corner of the page.

Just scorePNG

After they select an option they receive immediate feedback if the option was correct or incorrect and supportive and educational feedback to explain why the correct answer was correct.




Notice below that after they select the correct option, they get another five (5) points for fixing the issue.  So they receive points for both finding AND fixing issues.

RC Page 5 FixedPNG












This feedback is important.  We at YouU Apps see a child’s wrong answer as a gap in their knowledge and thus an excellent time to explain the content they do not understand.  Also getting it wrong demonstrates to them that they have a gap in their own knowledge.  At that point they will be motivated to learn the content they do not understand.  They will also be motivated because knowing this content will help them get these type of issue correct as they go they continue through the app.

Here is what a page looks like after all the issue have been identified.  The red highlights are where a student did not fix an issue correctly.  Notice the “4 of 4 errors found” on the top right hand corner of the page that lets students know their progress in completing a page.

RC Page 5 CompletePNG



















As you have seen above, users get points for finding and fixing grammar and spelling issues. They can also lose points for selecting specific correct words.  See below how the user lost five (5) points for selecting the word “family”, probably because he mistakenly thought that it needed to be capitalized.

These “Correct – Don’t Fix” issues keep kids from “gaming” the app.  That is, it prevents them from clicking around randomly to find issues.













The app contains nine stories. New grammar concepts are introduced in each story, but once introduced, these grammar issues are presented again and again in each subsequent story.   So the stories get harder and contain may more different types of grammar issues as students progress through the app.

Main WindowPNG












The app covers 14 Language Common Core Standards. Notice how students face the challenge  of finding more types of grammar issues as they progress through the app.

CC Table PDF



At the beginning of each story are Cheat Sheets to help kids learn or review the grammar content that is introduced in each story.
Cheat Treasure - Top PagePNG





















If a student selects a specific grammar point or the blue “+” button in a cheat sheet they get explanations, examples and non-examples of the each grammar concept being introduced.
Cheat Treasure - PossesivePNG

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