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For ages 7 to 10 – Covers 15 Language Common Core Standards.

Although  extremely important, learning grammar has rarely been viewed as an enjoyable activity.  Grammar Hammer changes that.  This app teaches grammar, as well as spelling, in an engaging and realistic way.

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Other apps teach grammar with drill and practice.  That is, kids edit one unrelated sentence after another, after another, after another…

By comparison, Grammar Hammer lets kids find and fix grammar and spelling mistakes embedded in entertaining, illustrated stories.


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This app allows kids to practice proofreading and editing on entire stories, not just on unrelated sentences. These are skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Like learning any skill, practicing grammar skills is important. You can tell kids the rules of grammar again and again, but until they are faced with the challenge of applying the rules, they will not learn them.  Practice provides this challenge.  With practice, they will internalize the skills of recognizing and fixing grammar issues until it comes easily. With Grammar Hammer, practicing grammar is fun and, with immediate feedback, more effective than other forms of grammar practice.

Score PNGEngaging: It’s a Game
Each story is scored to make the activity a game.  Kids get points for both finding AND fixing grammar issues.  They lose points by selecting certain words that are grammatically correct.

Kids will be engaged as they focus on finding and fixing issues to get a good score. As a game, it will engage kids and challenge them to do their best.  They will also be motivated to retake a story to get a better score.

Common Core Standards
In Grammar Hammer, kids will be challenged with a variety of grammar issues that cover 14 different second and third grade Language Common Core Standards.

Click here to see which Common Core Standards appear in which stories.

Starts Simple, Gets Challenging
There are nine stories in this app.   As learners progress through these stories, new grammar content is introduced gradually.  So kids don’t get overwhelmed, the initial stories just introduce basic grammar concepts.  The first two stories are at a first grade level.  New grammar concepts are introduced in each story, but once introduced, these grammar issues are presented again and again in each subsequent story.  The level of complexity of the grammar issues of each consecutive story builds both in the difficulty and variety.  In the final stories of this app, kids will have to be on the look out for many different types of grammar issues all at once – just like the editing they will do for the rest of their lives.

coming out of tubeCool Art Work
Each page has delightful illustrations to bring the story to life.  The illustrations show the kangaroo characters Jasmin and Jack Roo, their parents, and the places they love to go.  This makes the text more meaningful and interesting for this age group.


Content IntroductionCheat Treasure - Top PagePNG
Each story starts with a “Cheat Sheet” to help students learn or review the grammar content that is introduced in each story.



Can’t Get Stuck
We know that if a kid gets really stuck, he or she will put down the app and never pick it up again.  That is why in every page of the app we have support to help kids get unstuck while helping them understand the grammar content better.

Bottom Bar - Hint and Give up

On each page, there is a Hint and a Give Up? Button

Hint button
The Hint button gives clues to find the next grammar mistake on a page.  The Hint button is not meant to give away the answer, but to give them encouraging and educational guidance to find and understand the answer.

Give Up? button
The Give Up? button will show them the remaining grammar issues on each page.
Kids will not rely on the Hint and Give Up? buttons because they lose points when they use them.  For example, when they find a grammar issue after using the hint button they only get two points when they would have earned five if they had not used the Hint button.  When they use the Give Up? button, they receive no points for finding a grammar issue.

After a student uses the Hint or Give Up? buttons, they can still get full points for fixing each grammar issue correctly.


Common Core Standards in Grammar Hammer

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Grammar Hammer Screen Tour

In this app, kids proofread and edit pages in stories.  The first step is to find grammar and spelling errors.  Do you see any grammar and spelling errors in the page below? When kids see an error they just tap on it.                       Here the …

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Grammar Hammer Art Work

Thanks to Austin Gifford for such marvelous illustrations.  

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