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At You University Apps we strive to make  Apps that captivate as well as educate.


Grammar Hammer Page

For ages 7 to 10 – Covers 15 Language Common Core Standards. Although  extremely important, learning grammar has rarely been viewed as an enjoyable activity.  Grammar Hammer changes that.  This app teaches grammar, as well as spelling, in an engaging and realistic way. For Detailed Screen Tour Click Here Realistic Other apps teach grammar with …

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Tick Bait’s Universe

>> Download      >>Reviews     >> Screen Shots TB Universe Certified by Teachers With Apps We are happy to announce that Tick Bait’s Universe has been certified by Teachers with Apps.  The certification program was designed to recognize apps that go “above and beyond excellent”.   With Tick Bait’s Universe, a child can easily explore the really, really …

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Tick Bait’s Universe LITE

This is the free version of Tick Bait’s Universe with one third the content of the full version.  With it, kids (and kids at heart) can easily zoom in and out to explore neighborhoods, cities, Earth’s atmosphere, and the Earth. They can also zoom down into the microscopic world to explore down to the level …

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