Nov 18

Grammar Hammer Press Release


Learn Grammar the right way with Grammar Hammer 7-10going into tunnel

November 2 2014 – Learning Grammar is an essential literacy skill for children and adults alike, but the way it is traditionally taught can turn anybody off. Grammar rules are hammered into children through drill and practice – editing one unrelated sentence after another, after another etc.06big

The iPad app Grammar Hammer 7-10 changes this by letting young learners, ages 7-10 (and ages 10-13 for struggling readers) find and fix grammar and spelling mistakes embedded in entertaining, illustrated stories. In this app, learners practice the valuable skill of proofreading. A skill they will use for the rest of their lives. They will have plenty of practice since there are nine unique stories with increasingly difficult and different water slidetypes of grammar challenges. Grammar Hammer 7-10 scores each activity so kids see it as a game and not another school assignment!

Grammar Hammer 7-10 is available to download now from the Apple iTunes store for the bargain price of only $1.99. The app will run on any iPad running iOS 7 or later.

Grammar Hammer 7-10 covers grammar content based on 14 second and third grade Common Core Language standards (CCSS, ELA-Literacy, LK2a, L1.1c, L1.2c, L1.2a, L1.2b, L2.1c, L2.2a, L2.2c, L3.1b, L3.1e, L3.1i, L3.2c, L3.2d and L4.1g)

MuseumParents don’t need to worry if their own grammar skills are a little rusty, each story starts with a ‘cheat sheet’ to help students learn or review the content introduced in each story.

Grammar Hammer 7-10 features delightful unique illustrations that bring each story to life. The app provides both a ‘hint’ and a ‘give up’ buttons to support learners in case the challenges become too demanding. Download Grammar Hammer 7-10 today and start the young learners on their lifelong learning journey the right way!

Notes to Editors

Grammar Hammer 7-10 was created by You University Apps. For more information contact or visit  


Oct 02

TB Universe Certified by Teachers With Apps

We are happy to announce that Tick Bait’s Universe has been certified by Teachers With Apps .  The certification program was designed to recognize educational apps that go “above and beyond excellent”.  As the Teachers With Apps review of Tick Bait’s Universe says” of the best science apps that we have had the honor of reviewing.”

We at You U Apps are very proud of this honor and thank Teachers With Apps.

Sep 28

Tick Bait’s Universe Version 1.03 has just been released.

In this new release, version 1.03, we improved the graphics in Tick Bait’s Universe to take advantage of the retina display of the new iPads.  ( We also fixed a few typos).  We take pride in the graphics of Tick Bait’s Universe and wanted to make sure they look as good as they can in the new retina display..

Apr 23

Teacher’s Corner – New Scavenger Hunt’s for Accesment of Learning

I have just added two “Scavenger Hunts” to the “Teacher’s Corner” section of this website.  There are for kids to do while they explore Tick Bait’s Universe . The Scavenger Hunts were created to give kids more focus and goals as they explore Tick Bait’s Universe and to give teachers and parents an assessment of what kids are learning as they explore in the app.

The first scavenger hunt is for children as they explore everything above Tick Bait such as the atmosphere, out solar system and galaxy.

The other is for exploring the microscopic world as children zoom down into Tick Baits.

Apr 12

Top 5 Geography Books #1: The Handy Geography Answer Book

#1 – The Handy Geography Answer Book by Paul A. Tucci and Matthew T. Rosenburg.  Since the format of the Geo Bee is mostly just verbal questions, I like to give my kids a lot of questions.  This book offers some 250 pages of relevant questions.  They are organized by continent as well as by other topic such as  “Climate”, “Hazards and Disasters” and “Explorers”.   We have used this book more than any other to prepare  our children for Geo Bees.  The pages of our copy are marked up with “scores” of how my kids have answered specific question in the past.  It has been used and we have gotten our money’s worth out of it.

Apr 11

Top 5 Geography Books #2: The Geography Bee: Complete Preparation Handbook

#2 – The Geography Bee Complete Preparation Handbook by Mathew T. and Jennifer Rosenberg.  In my mind, this book is made up of basically 5 different sections (This is roughly how the chapters are organized):

  1. About the Geo Bee – Advice to kids on how to prepare for the Geo Bee.
  2. Location, Location, Location – A chapter with blank maps and lists of countries, states and geography features to point out. On the blank maps.
  3. Reference Material – This section contains information and facts about each state in the US and each country in the world.
  4. Parent’s Guide – Advice to parents to help their children.
  5. 1001 Questions – Lots of specific geography questions

I have to admit, we jump right to the questions.  I found these excellent.  Also, we used the Location, Location, Location section to make sure our kids know the location of cities, countries and geographical features.

I also have to admit, I did not read either the parent or kid’s advice sections, although in retrospect, I wish I had.  We didn’t use the reference sections either.  It is well laid out and detailed without being overwhelming.  It looks great if you or your child need to look something up.  However, I don’t think kids will spend any time studying it unless they have a specific question to look up.  I know my own kids wouldn’t.

Apr 07

Top 5 Geography Books #3: Everywhere is Somewhere Series

#3 – Everywhere is Somewhere series written by Jack McClintock & David Helgren, Ph.D.  These series include Everywhere is Somewhere in the U.S.A and Everywhere is Somewhere: The Geography Quiz Book.  Each of these books is very comprehensive with thousands of sample questions.  Its chapters cover a wide variety of geographic topics that include how different cities, states and countries compare in topics such as “Education”, “Making Things”, “Health”, and “Ethnic Stew” as well as the usual suspect of  “Bodies of Water” and “Climate”.  The questions tend to be interesting.  Not dry facts.  If I have a complaint about this book, it is that many questions are too detailed for a middle school audience.  If I quiz my kids using these questions, I pick and choose which questions to give them based on relevance to middle school children.

Apr 05

Top 5 Geography Books #4: National Geographic Student Atlas

#4 – National Geographic Student Atlas of the World.   You can’t study geography without an atlas.  And for kids, the atlas should be age appropriate. The National Geographic Student Atlas has excellent maps to help kids learn geography basics like the locations of countries and cities.  Beyond these basics, this atlas does a great job of showing geographic variations in landforms, ecology, natural resources, population, world religions, climate, etc.  This is the type of information that many Geo Bee questions are based on and, from personal experience, the type of questions that trip kids up.  The maps are designed for kids.  Each is accurate without being cluttered.  They educate without overwhelming.

Mar 25

New List – Top 5 Geography Books

Geography is big in our house. My kids have a very good record in their school Geo Bee competitions.  My oldest son won his middle school Geo Bee in both 7th and 8th grade.  Both years he competed in our state’s Geo Bee competition.  My youngest son won his school’s Geo Bee as a 6th grader and will be competing in the state finals in May.

When our oldest won his first Geo Bee it took us completely by surprise.  We weren’t expecting it.  At that point we had a globe, world map on his wall and an atlas in the house.  For him to compete in state competitions we thought we needed more than that. We started to look for books, websites, apps and physical items that would help prepare him, and eventually our other sons, for geography competitions.  We have used several of these resources.  What follows are lists of the best resources we have found that helped our kids learn geography and prepare them for geography competitions.

In this first geography top 5 list I will document the top 5 books that have helped our children learn geography and prepare them for Geo Bee competitions.

#5 – Top 10 of Everything by Russell Ash.   This book lays out a tons of facts for kids in a visual and compelling way.  A majority of the facts are not geography related but many are.  For example, this book covers basic geographic topics like “Top 10 Most Populated Countries,” but also some lists cover content that is similar to the trickier Geo Bee questions like  “Top 10 Fruit Producing Countries.”

This book really represents a type of book that can accomplish the same geography education goals.   A good child’s World Almanac or even Guinness Book of World Records might also accomplish the same geography learning.  The book your child is most comfortable spending time in, is the best book for him or her.

Mar 20

Wonderful Review of Tick Bait’s Universe from the TheiPhoneMom

TheiPhoneMom has given Tick Bait’s Universe an excellent review.

The iPhoneMom Review

Two Excerpts:

– “Tick Bait’s Universe is a very clever, very engaging app that will give your children an entirely new look at the world around them.”

– “The size of the universe can feel like a strange concept but Tick Bait’s universe makes it wonderfully accessible. When[kids] are able zoom in and [and out]… they’ll be hooked. I was.”


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