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Grammar Hammer Press Release


Learn Grammar the right way with Grammar Hammer 7-10going into tunnel

November 2 2014 – Learning Grammar is an essential literacy skill for children and adults alike, but the way it is traditionally taught can turn anybody off. Grammar rules are hammered into children through drill and practice – editing one unrelated sentence after another, after another etc.06big

The iPad app Grammar Hammer 7-10 changes this by letting young learners, ages 7-10 (and ages 10-13 for struggling readers) find and fix grammar and spelling mistakes embedded in entertaining, illustrated stories. In this app, learners practice the valuable skill of proofreading. A skill they will use for the rest of their lives. They will have plenty of practice since there are nine unique stories with increasingly difficult and different water slidetypes of grammar challenges. Grammar Hammer 7-10 scores each activity so kids see it as a game and not another school assignment!

Grammar Hammer 7-10 is available to download now from the Apple iTunes store for the bargain price of only $1.99. The app will run on any iPad running iOS 7 or later.

Grammar Hammer 7-10 covers grammar content based on 14 second and third grade Common Core Language standards (CCSS, ELA-Literacy, LK2a, L1.1c, L1.2c, L1.2a, L1.2b, L2.1c, L2.2a, L2.2c, L3.1b, L3.1e, L3.1i, L3.2c, L3.2d and L4.1g)

MuseumParents don’t need to worry if their own grammar skills are a little rusty, each story starts with a ‘cheat sheet’ to help students learn or review the content introduced in each story.

Grammar Hammer 7-10 features delightful unique illustrations that bring each story to life. The app provides both a ‘hint’ and a ‘give up’ buttons to support learners in case the challenges become too demanding. Download Grammar Hammer 7-10 today and start the young learners on their lifelong learning journey the right way!

Notes to Editors

Grammar Hammer 7-10 was created by You University Apps. For more information contact marcgamble@youuapps.com or visit http://www.youuapps.com/  


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