Apr 11

Top 5 Geography Books #2: The Geography Bee: Complete Preparation Handbook

#2 – The Geography Bee Complete Preparation Handbook by Mathew T. and Jennifer Rosenberg.  In my mind, this book is made up of basically 5 different sections (This is roughly how the chapters are organized):

  1. About the Geo Bee – Advice to kids on how to prepare for the Geo Bee.
  2. Location, Location, Location – A chapter with blank maps and lists of countries, states and geography features to point out. On the blank maps.
  3. Reference Material – This section contains information and facts about each state in the US and each country in the world.
  4. Parent’s Guide – Advice to parents to help their children.
  5. 1001 Questions – Lots of specific geography questions

I have to admit, we jump right to the questions.  I found these excellent.  Also, we used the Location, Location, Location section to make sure our kids know the location of cities, countries and geographical features.

I also have to admit, I did not read either the parent or kid’s advice sections, although in retrospect, I wish I had.  We didn’t use the reference sections either.  It is well laid out and detailed without being overwhelming.  It looks great if you or your child need to look something up.  However, I don’t think kids will spend any time studying it unless they have a specific question to look up.  I know my own kids wouldn’t.

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